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Friday, May 6, 2011

Take (it) Out (side)

Years ago (when I was single) I had a pretty big take out/fast food habit. It was breakfast and lunch at least twice during the work week - for each. Otherwise I did eat well but I had the finances to eat out mixed with being lazy too often. Too easy. Now we have to watch our food budget but still get things from time to time. Sometimes it is a bit too much but I would rather find a good cheat recipe and make it at home. Today was one of those days.

One thing I got often was the Asian Chicken Salad from McDonalds - either grilled or crispy depending on my mood. (That was actually how I first tried edamame. True, it wasn't as great as steaming it myself but I had NO idea how great it could be at that time.) Then they got rid of it. I swapped it out with the Southwest one but it was never the same. Eventually I just stopped getting it and brought a salad from home.

Fast forward to the end of April - they brought it back. True it is JUST a salad but it got me pretty excited. Good memories of fast food lunches... yeaaaaaahhh. So I picked up a grilled version this evening as half/early dinner portion. While successfully not dumping the entire thing on my lap or in the train (though who wouldn't love the smell of sesame ginger dressing on their ride home right?), I realized DUH I can make this at home! Years ago I never thought that. Such a simple idea but it was considered a fancy salad. Weird.

So now the plot...errrr... plan is to find a cheat recipe or a general sesame ginger recipe we both enjoy since we already have too many bottles of light dressing in the fridge/pantry already.

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