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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What lies beneath

Earlier today....

  • Scale: pssst.... Psst..PSSST! Hey you!

  • Me: (looks down) Yes?

  • Scale: You know you haven't pulled me out lately. It is getting pretty boring in this corner. PLUS the cat hair is making me sneeze.

  • Me: The floor was washed last weekend. You had a mini-trip to the hallway. No complaining to me about cat hair if you let Frankie sit on you.

  • Scale: Whatever! C'mon you know you are curious. Plus you have had a few good weeks lately (snickers softly)

  • Me: Ok, fine (getting annoyed - takes scale out of corner, puts in center of bathroom, steps on)

  • Scale: ERROR!

  • Me: Seriously?!?!

  • Scale: Sorry (calculates current weight) Ohhhhh...

  • Me: Excuse me? It was less than last time so that's good.

  • Scale: True but not that much. I guess I wasn't correct about the past few weeks.

  • Me: (glares are scale) I have had a good few weeks. I am walking 13 miles a week. THIRTEEN miles is awesome. You don't even have real feet so you wouldn't understand. Those little metal nubs would be worn off in no time!

  • Scale: Piff!

  • Me: I've been eating well and keeping things balanced. Plus I was sick recently and didn't go into fast food mode as a result since things didn't taste the same. I'm back to my yogurt a day as well.

  • Scale: Oh, well...

  • Me: PLUS the skirt that looked a bit too inappropriately tight fits amazingly well now. So THERE!

  • Scale: But but!

  • Me: No buts! Quit trying to make me feel bad! If you don't watch it I'll put tuna on you and then BOTH cats will be sitting on you! (puts scale back in corner)

  • Scale: (pouts)

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