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Sunday, April 10, 2011

When I

  • When I haven't been sneezing my brains out when I haven't been too stuffed up to do so, I've been going through things I don't need - clothes, books, misc accessories, house stuff all to be donated

  • When I haven't been going through things, I'm been napping - good w dealing with the sneezing and the tiredness from going through things

  • When I haven't been napping, I've been paying attention to size labels on things I have been keeping - a great jean skirt is a great jean skirt when it realistically fits or will in the near future ie keeping a sized 2 skirt from years ago will just result in being annoyed when trying it on and realizing it does not fit AT ALL since you did not look at the size

  • When not reading size labels, I've been reading in general - House of Night: Awakened & 666 Park Avenue = both amazing

  • When not reading, I've been working in the yard to unbury, clean out, and cut back misc trees, plants and misc whatever in the yard

  • Above and beyond all, the formatting problems I've had in the site have been making me incredibly frustrated and so I have numerous drafts/handwritten drafts but not having spacing/formatting makes it look like all I can do is write smush. Fixing that all....soon.

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