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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Vindaloo

I have had Indian food a few times. While my general tolerance to spicy foods has increased esp since Hubs likes spicy food, I am hesitant to make too much on my own.... for now. While planning the shopping list from last trip to Trader Joe's, I decided to see what they had in terms of frozen dishes.

My plan was some sort of single serving frozen Indian meal but to pay less than $5 for it. That way if I didn't like it, there would be at least 2 results: a.) I pass it along to Hubs as leftovers if he was interested or b.) I throw out the rest which isn't fun since I had to waste food but it would be left in the fridge and not eaten. Option c.) was that I inhaled it and loved it.

The end result was more of an Option C.2. I liked the taste at first, then the heat kicked in. Rather than putting it away, I put it aside for a few minutes. When I started it again, it was perfect. It did have the spice kick it it as I had anticipated. I think I just ate too fast so when the heat did kick in, I wasn't ready for it. I can see buying it again and perhaps even one for Hubs. Next time I'll remember to take a picture too.

*Please note that I purchased this with my own money and received no coupons or discounts towards the purchase. While it is technically not a review, I still felt it was a good idea to include this.

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