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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pretty flowers since it is ugly outside

For the longest time I was not fond February. It was super cold and super dreary. I was never a big fan of Valentine's Day.

February is much much much MUCH better now however. True it is still super cold and super dreary. (Add crazy Midwestern storm to the mix this year and it is only the FIRST day of the month to the mix.) This month is the month when Hubs and I first started dating (though we had known each other beforehand)and ended up marrying the February of the following year.

Yes, you read correctly, one year. We actually planned a wedding in four month. Yup, FOUR! I am no professional wedding planner, nor did I need one, but we were able to plan what we considered a perfect wedding for about 100 people on a great budget. Did we totally luck out at times? Of course! Was it stressful at times? Yes but not hair pulling levels. Was it expensive? At times, but overall we were technically in the "budget wedding" cost bracket.

Since it is gloomy outside I thought the best way to start would be with flowers. People like flowers right? (Unless you are seriously allergic I guess.)

The ribbon at the bottom is from my bouquet. It was the part that trailed below the flowers. The orange gerbera daisy is part of mine as well s the white spray roses. The flowers moving up and towards the left are a bridesmaid bouquet and part of another.

The flowers were all based on flowers Hubs surprised me with one day. The original didn't include roses but he wanted a white roses for his boutonniere. Not a prob with me and so we added the spray roses to tie it in. The florist used the alstroemeria flowers as groomsmen boutonnieres - white sprayed blue but from BEHIND the petals (then it is a hint of color and not painted on) as well as ranges of pink ones for other corsages.

Ways we saved $$$$:
  • No special order flowers: florist had no issues w getting them = no extra shipping costs
  • Minimal roses: If you LOVE roses, go for it! If you can do with less of them, you'll pay less money (or as in my case w my florist)
  • Picking flowers that last a long time: When I buy flowers (and keep them way up high so the chomping meow meows can't get them) alstroemeria and gerbera daisies are a go-to flower. The don't wilt as fast as others.
  • Bows instead of flowers for church pews: light blue & white layered ribbons/tulle were low key yet still lovely. (PLUS they became head table accents at the reception.)
  • No sparkly bits in the bouquets. IF this was going to be included however, I was going to go to a craft store and purchase them there.

One huge perk that my bridesmaids told me was that their bouquets lasted a super long time (in the fridge.) I guess mine would probably have lasted awhile as well. I have no idea though since I didn't keep it.

That sucker got launched over my head at the reception with Andrew WK's She is Beautiful blasting from the speakers.

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