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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adventures in Happyland

Yesterday I went to a place that always puts me in a good mood - Micheals. I love craft stores and have loved them as long as I can remember. I have yet to meet one that I did not like.

This one ended up being right in the area of other errands so it totally worked. I needed to get some new yarn for an upcoming scarf project. I ended up finding a nice navy that ended up being on sale as well as in multiples of the same dye lot number. (For the non knitters, dye lot numbers basically help you make sure you have all of the same color. Mixing numbers especially in the middle of a project can lead to a slight difference in color that may end up being quite noticeable.)

I know several people who are expecting little ones sometime during the next year as well. That means baby knitting. While I can be a fast knitter, when it is baby knitting you are knitting both against time and the growing baby size increase. It makes me feel like I am knitting at turtle speed (and I am not talking the TMNT kind.) I am thinking of a different approach to making things this time. (When it is decided upon, it will be another blog post.)

I may have only been in the store about 30 mins max but it was a total zen moment in the yarn section, staring at all the racks. It is a knitter thing - that moment of peace with skeins and skeins of yarn in front of you. I think I have settled upon at least one gender neutral color scheme that can be modified to focus on one gender slightly more than the other if I so desire. Being stuck with light pink and pale pale yellow baby yarn in the past, I am trying to branch out from the gender specific only yarn colors. Pink is nice but adding a chocolate brown or an amber orange makes it so much nicer. Same goes with mixing blue with a grey or a forest green.

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