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Sunday, January 30, 2011

That's a mat, errr, a wrap!

I was contacted not too long ago about doing a product review from CSN Stores. I was given a $35 credit towards a purchase of my choice. The final cost including shipping was over the credit. I paid $2.94 of my own money. While this purchase was predominately covered by the credit, this will not impact my review. I like reading review posts to get additional opinions on things and so I hope this will help someone else make a choice.

After a lot of looking and looking and looking, I decided on the Sunny Health & Fitness Tri Fold Mat. I had been needing a thicker exercise mat for some time. I have used two yoga mats but being layered on hardwood floor doesn't give me enough cushion. (If it is just yoga, it works fine.) When I take group classes I always like to use the thicker mats rather than the foam style ones. This is what I hoped to have found.

Ordering was a cinch. Shipping seemed a bit longer than other items but this was around the holidays so that made sense. Overall I had no problems with the store's website.

The black in the photos isn't as dark as it is in person. I edited it slightly in PhotoShop. Think of it is as black black, not grey black. The mat is made of a nylon material that has a slight texture but you only notice it IF you are deliberately looking for one. It didn't stick to me so that was good as well.

The mat stands up well when folded. We have been keeping it next to a dresser and it doesn't really lean up against it. It is lightweight and the handles make carrying it easy. One improvement regarding the handles would be some sort of snap or Velcro closure. If this is going in my trunk or the back of the truck I think I'll tie the handles together to ensure that it doesn't unfold if it slides while I am driving.

Each section has a zippered side and the edges fit together well when unfolded. You can barely feel the slight dip and it is not an annoying deep gap like other mats I have used.

The inside foam has a good amount of squish factor and for now it springs back quite well. (Both Hubs and I have used it for about a month now.) The nylon does have a crinkly noise. This has been there since the day it arrived. I notice it before and afterward but not necessarily while I am exercising. (Having music on at a normal level makes it unnoticeable.) If the foam smushes outward after awhile the crinkle will probably go away. This might be a good thing in terms of not blowing out a seam if there was no give.

When unfolded it gives me enough room so that I don't feel like I am about to fall off the edges. (I'm 5'7".) The wrinkles in the nylon were not there when it arrived and have occurred since it has been used. I can smooth it out for the most part but there are always a few remaining.

Overall I like the mat. The lightweight/carry aspect, nice squish factor of the foam, easy storage and size are the positives. The noise factor and the wrinkling are negatives. The price was slightly less than other places that were offering this mat which is a definite PLUS.

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