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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Up to something

On the way home from dinner I was in Hmmm mode. So I knew something was up from Hubs being in super cleaning mode - like pre-party cleaning - as well as just getting the feeling something was up. Overhearing a friend say something about getting situated didn't help either. I know I am a horrible person but after seeing The BFF's car several blocks away - bad choice on her part since it was clearly there and seen from the cross street that we had to use to get home.

There were people there but the true surprise was how many. About 95% of our friends were there all smashed in the back corner of our backroom yelling surprise. It was an amazing feeling to know that they all were there to celebrate my birthday. (It was also amazing that they managed to keep a 2 yrd old quiet in the process - pingpong balls work wonders so I was told!)

It was a night of pizza and wine and hockey and laughing and talking and watching my niece get super excited to play with the Fisher-Price house that was mine when I was a kid.

Putting words to a great night at times are easy. This time is was super hard. Being surrounded by people who mean a great deal to me is a great feeling. It was a night I won't forget.

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  1. That is so awesome!!! The only time I've ever had a surprise party thrown for me, I cried and had to leave the room. It's so amazing to have people who care about you, but at the same time the surprise can be overwhelming!