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Thursday, January 27, 2011

No duh so-duh

Give me a can of Coke - plain fully leaded stuff, not the diet/zero/free stuff - and I am a happy girl. Put several fridge packs in the house for the holidays and then let there be leftovers and I'm over carbonated and sugared. EEK! While I am not giving up soda all together, it is smarter not to have a default grab in the fridge be a soda. It was a bit too much and I could start to feel the blah that I get as a result.

I think drinking less soda will help my running once the weather remembers that I live in the Midwest and not the tundra. While tundra may not be the best word to use, it works well when your eye lashes are frosty. (There was also a poor girl on the bus recently who had raccoon eyes from her mascara dripping in the cold.) Hubs and I are planning to run a few official races, budget allowing, as well as just run more on our own. (I really like the "we" part of this since I know it will help us motivate each other. While I do have friends who run, having the person bugging you to go or if you went as you had planned living in the same house as you makes it more of a kick in the pants.) I need to research IF less sugar/caffeine actually will help but for now why not.

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