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Friday, January 7, 2011

Back from my trip to NYYAAHH NYAAAHH land

I was a serious cranky angrypants last night. In the grand scheme of things the stuff that was going wrong or that was annoying me wasn't that big of a deal. Plus I had had a good day prior to getting on my homebound bus. I just couldn't fully shake the grrrr. Tonight is going so much better. I managed to catch a fast moving train which then let me catch the earlier bus that I usually miss. No being stuck waiting 40 minutes in the cold and the snow today! (Being a high of 23 today made that a super great deal.) Molly is not limping and hopefully the puppy injury scare is over or at least on the way to being healed. No boxed stuff on a trial run for dinner as well. The leftovers that I had as part of my lunch actually ended up better today than yesterday too.

I had forgotten to set up the coffeemaker last night and Hubs was just starting the coffee when I was almost ready to leave this morning. It was cold this morning and I really wanted a small cup so I went to DDonuts since it is cheap. $1.48 = small hazelnut w skim milk & sugar. One dollar bill and two quarters always worked when it was more of a morning routine. While it does add up, it was not as expensive as Starbucks. This morning I was lucky to have an extra quarter since the price increased to $1.75. It's yet another sign that I should have just brought something from home!

Otherwise, Eat in Month went well for today everything but dinner. Tonight is date night with Italian take-out and Inception which I have heard mixed reviews about but overall good ones.

Breakfast = the earlier mentioned price jumping coffee, oatmeal, and Mixed Berries Fruit Naturals which Hubs found on sale this week (Yay to good new easy fruit addition and to saving money at the same time!)

Morning snack = key lime pie - the thick n creamy version that is still my current fav

Lunch = leftover couscous/mushroom/onion adventure, chicken and rice soup, juice and one of the chocolate thingys

Dinner = italian beef sandwich w mozzarella, fries and pasta salad from a local place that we both like (We had significantly cut down out most eating out for dinners prior to the challenge so this ends up more like a treat during the week.)

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