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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Football Zzzzzone

I am literally worn out from watching football today. Seriously.

We had friends over for the Bears/Packers game. It was a full house including two kids under the age of ten. This meant extra attention since the pups are just getting used to kids being around. Molly usually gets confused for awhile but then is fine. Cosmo gets a bit too rambuncious and decides that head butting is the best option. That gets him locked up in his crate for the rest of the day then (with bathroom/water breaks of course.)

One of our friends brought crock pot pepper beef with rolls and cheese. Another brought cupcakes and others brought chips. We ended up ordering pizza too. I'm getting to the point that with all the sport viewing I'm getting sick of pizza. While it is good, I can only eat so much.

Football is a new thing to me. Hubs is a huge Bears fan. It's not that I haven't been exposed to enough football. My high school was a huge football school. While I didn't go to a large college, there was a football team and I did attend a few games. It was always more of a social outing than one to actually watch the game. Details? What details? I'm just here to hang out!

So the next huge football shindig, of course, is the Super Bowl. It is a potluck so of course I will be bringing something. I am planning something veggie based. Something NOT pizza like or chip based. I foresee lettuce and bell peppers and tomatoes...

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  1. Have fun, Chris left to watch at a friends. I'm still not a big football fan...when it's on tv. I'd rather watch live. lol