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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eat in Challenge #3

I was good again today. The donuts, yogurt, and juice were bought but it was technically a grocery style run since I planned this ahead of time.

Breakfast:Choco mini-donuts (lovingly called "the plastic donuts" due to the waxy chocolate), hot chocoffee (my new word for my coffee/hot chocolate mix, cherry yogurt

Lunch:chicken soup (awesome food when you aren't feeling well), juice juice and more juice,

Afternoon snack: popcorn - and not the light butter stuff = wow I haven't had this in ages = fake butter stuck to the roof of my mouth. I still inhaled it though.

Dinner: brie/apple chicken kiev (boxed but will definitely be the basis of a future recipe adventure), mashed potatoes, corn

Post dinner snack: Sixlets, twizzler, ginger peach tea

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