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Friday, March 4, 2011

Damn the Man, Save the Empire!

One of my abso fave movies is Empire Records. It has become one of those movies that The BFF and I cannot watch without saying lines along with the actual movie dialogue. It shows that dancing around to AC/DC like a goofball works well in stressful/aggravating/bothersome situations as well. (Seriously, try this if you can stand listening to/enjoy AC/DC. It always works for me.)

This leads me to the clues that I had been using directly or indirectly in my recent posts - THE GIVEAWAY! The giveaway will be a $30 promo code for CSN Stores.

Post a comment that includes a movie that you know by heart or just one of your favorite movies.

I am going to leave this open until Sunday and use a random generator to pick the winner. I DO want to be as fair as possible! I was also told to note that this code will not cover international fees.


  1. The Sweetest Thing - favorite movie of ALL time. "There's always time for a movie montage!" :)

  2. Fight Club: "Where'd you go, psycho boy?"

  3. Empire Records is also my favorite movie ever, and I could probably recite the entire thing.

    "Oh Rexy, you're so sexy."

  4. Okay, favorite movie is still ''Girls Just Want to Have Fun'' favorite SJP movie! remember dancing around to it when I was young.