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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You spin me right round like a.... hoop?

I had numerous hula hoops as a kid. There is probably at least once somewhere in the shed at my parents place. I found one on top of our shed that was left by the previous owners. The elements got to that one though. Did you know that if you clip the edge of a bench with a plastic hoop it will explode into several large-ish pieces? Honest, truth. There are pictures.

Back when I was part of a craft group/online circle, I was introduced to hooping, hoop dance, and the general resurgence of it being more than just for kids or some sort of "hippie festival thing." Some of the people started posting pictures and videos which made me stop and think why not? I was the kid who would start up and not let the hoop drop for at times a good twenty minutes. It was fun before so it'd be so now as well.

I ended up buying a handmade hoop from a coworker of a friend, dragging it home on public transportation (wishing I had a camera that day!) and got started. While it is the same elements as the kid ones, adult hoops are larger and therefore a bit heavier. I have seen actual weighted fitness hoops as well. While there was the fitness aspect to it (hoop at a fast tempo for a long time and you will feel it in your butt and hips,) I was thinking of the dance part as well.

I took a hooping class last summer. It was a mix of fitness and dance but heavier on the dance which was fine with me. I did learn a few tricks but also that it is easy to throw a hoop across a room, whap yourself in the head but most of all that I loved it once again. This summer I am hoping to work on my tricks a bit more in the safety of my backyard. (No worrying then will happen about hitting the TV in our living room!)

Florence + the Machine is a fav of mine to hoop to and while I have no videos I found a few to share. It shows how different it can be done as well.

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