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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back from the land of getyourbuttkicked

Tonight was the first - for me - of the Tues night Bell-umba classes - bell-umba being the zumba class that ended up having belly dancing in it too. I don't know if it was because it was the end of the day for my instructor but it was SO much more intense then the last Saturday class. I didn't mind it since I was there to work out.

I decided to forget about the mirror all together this time. Last time I was half of the time in the mirror and half not. In dance classes I have always liked the mirror. It was the point to check positions etc and make sure I wasn't going to hurt myself. Now it's the thing that makes me mess up. It is crazy what 15-ish years will do for you. So it was skip the mirror, dance/bounce around like a silly person and I came home twice as gross and disgusting as before. True, it also has me still up and ready to go at almost midnight. With a 6 am alarm, this can't be an everyday deal. Next time I'm thinking some Tazo Zen tea and an episode of some TV show - probably The Riches since I just started that on Netflix.

I found another tofu recipe - a southwestern scramble. So now I have two recipes to try. I'm tempted to just make each with half of the package I have in the fridge. Then technically if I don't like one way I'm still eating it.

Key point to remember: AB&J sandwiches on white bread hamburger buns are not filling for a long time - even with fruit. I was in growly stomach the moment I got off the bus. Luckily the Hubby had BBQ chicken and cut potatoes (w olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper) on the grill waiting for me. I'm lucky to be married to a good cook.

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