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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Excuse me, my name isn't Bridget

I had a Bridget Jones day today. Random oddball things going wrong and/or happening to the extent that I seriously wanted to start looking for cameras. A random voice over probably would have worked as well. Missed bus, a different bus breaking down, fighting with an umbrella as my damp hair stuck to my face... yadda yadda.

One thing that ended up as a good thing today was realizing that my "that's a long way" distance isn't that "long" anymore. True the walk I had today was at least twice as long as my normal walk but it didn't seem like it. The aggravation caused by the collection of random annoyances this morning did help fuel me to walk faster but overall I surprised myself.

I like the moments when the little push isn't needed to do something. The latest major one was adding a 15-20 min extra walk to my evening commute. While I do take the bus all the way around when it is horribly extreme weather, I find that when I don't walk it, I miss it.

Listening to music like Chemical Brothers and The Crystal Method today has me looking forward to my hooping class this session. (I am missing the first class due to an important event and hopefully it won't be too hard to catch up. ) I also really want a travel hoop with this in blue being the front runner. I have my normal hoop but this will be easier esp when we go to the beach this summer. It's a more low key one too so I won't get started at too much. When I finally learn some tricks then I won't mind an audience.

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