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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zumba... almost

Today was the first day of Zumba... or so I thought. I got up, make a quick bowl of oatmeal, got misc stuff done around here, got ready and got going. I get to the building, go upstairs and luckily I stopped before I bounded into the room. I would have scared the group of model railroad enthusiasts who were set up in the normal workout space. OOPS! I never got the call that my section was cancelled due to low enrollment. Grrr. HOWEVER the lady at the main desk was GREAT and transferred me into the Saturday morning class. It starts THIS saturday so I won't have missed any classes! WOOP!

I did miss last week's hooping class due to an event and so I am extra excited about this week. I can't wait to learn how to do tricks/moves/whatnot the proper way. The proper way results in my hoop getting launched slightly less across the backyard. :)

The garden is planted - in pots since we aren't sure exactly where an inground gardent will be permantly - with four tomato plants and four bell pepper plants. I am super excited since I love home grown veggies. Tomatoes taste sooo much better than from the store. I've gotten a chance to get to the farmers market here and there but the closest one is during the weekday and so a bit hard to make it consistantly.

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