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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello summer

This past month has been crazy. I've gone from spring coats with a winter scarf to layering so that I didn't melt on the way to work or free on public transportation. I am not complaining about the warm weather now but rather that there was a such a severe jump from cool to 90 degrees. The good thing now is it is sundresses and bare feet rather than sweaters.

I'm currently watching the dogs staring out the front door. They are utterly confused by the neighbor boy's remote control car. The cats are usually in the window moving their heads like some sort of ping pong spectator.

Zumba this week was much better. It was only one other person with me since it is the holiday weekend and all. The other girl knows how to salsa dance, like SERIOUSLY knows what she is doing but isn't all showy about it. I am still not too excited about the belly dance part of it - the shimmy shimmy part is awkward - but I am getting the hang of more of the Latin based footwork. I love that moment when you stop concentrating and realize that you are getting it - the giant wall mirror also helps.

I missed my hoop class due to my allergies/cold making my head spin otherwise. I wasn't happy at all about it but I knew if I was dizzy it was best to just stay home and get more sleep.

Yesterday was the Hubby's bday BBQ. We didn't have a ton of people so it was a nice mellow time to sit outside. We ended up moving a TV so that we could watch the Hawks win too. Someone in the neighborhood was shooting off fireworks too. We could hear them but not see them. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same house who had the fireworks after the White Sox World Series victory. We just played Chelsea Dagger twice and cheered.

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