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Saturday, May 22, 2010

This morning was my first Zumba class. I've been watching videos on YouTube to get a sense of it and had watched some even before I decided to take the class. I've always liked the 90s hip hop style of dance and this caught my interest.

I went to class expecting something like this...

Or this...

Of course it would be much much much more basic but the overall concept.

My instructor is one I have had before. She's really good, explains here stuff well and gets you moving. What I didn't know was that she made the class a Zumba/Belly Dance class. I have tried belly dance workouts before and they are fun. There is a DVD or a VHS tape somewhere in the attic of it. The attic being the main element here. I am going to continue taking the class but it wasn't exactly what I had anticipated it to be. Overall though I DID get a great workout today.

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