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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back to green

Holiday season means rush rush RUSH! way too often. Find this or that or both though one is currently out of stock at this location so you need to go back in the car and go to the next closest. Repeat.

I know people who thrive off the rushing about. More power to you. I've been there. It was called college. Give me a can of Coke, some regular Twizzlers (great computer food since no crumbs!), remix music and I was off and coding. Computer coding that is, not flat lining. Hmmm Flatliners.... young Kiefer Sutherland.... I digress.

Too much rush mode would wear me out. I'd get then not sleep well which then leads to one of the best oxymorons in the world, being overtired. I'd take breaks and whatnot too but it didn't work all the time.

Fast forward ::cough:: years later, there are moments that the RUSH RUSH GOOOOO wants to rear it's ugly head. It gets kicked into submission. I am not saying to be lazy. No way. It is more so the remembering to take a deep breath or a moment to play with the cat/dog/all four for a minute or two.

If I don't and I'm cooking something will get burnt or spilled. My favorite is when cabinets decide to vomit their content on the floor. (Yes, Tupperware I'm talking to your section!)

The plan this year is to have Christmas Eve at our house. It will be a potluck which helps everyone. I am starting to think of ideas and whanot now. 23 days is a good number.

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