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Monday, December 27, 2010

Run remix

Since the uber (yes I just said uber) surprise this Christmas, I have been kicking my playlist building in high gear. I have two text files of songs that catch my attention on Pandora. I haven't figured out exactly how many but there are a lot. It is pretty eclectic too. Safe to say I am going to make category versions since they are all over the place.

Here are a few copy/pasted for reference purposes.

running down a dream - tom petty
paper planes - m.i.a.
wave of mutitlation - the pixies
girls just want to have fun - miley cyrus
party in the usa - miley cyrus
gold guns girls - metric
sexy bitch - david guetta
shove it - santigold
one hot coma - paris, texas
I can dream about you - dan hartman
i want to know what love is - foreigner
while you see a chance - steve winwood
something about you - level 42
cry me a river - michael buble
mary janes last dance - tom petty & the heartbreakers
strawberry swing - coldplay
More than a feeling - Boston
Satisfaction - Rolling Stones
I want it all - Queen
Sweet Child of Mine - G & R
strangelove - depeche mode
voices carry - til tuesday
Once in a lifetime - talking heads
Walk through the world - mark cohn
drive - the cars
against all odds - phil collins

When I have the all set and labeled with silly names I will post them periodically. I say silly names because I can't just call something "car mix 1" or "running mix 4". They end up "Breck trip ride roadmix" or "neon laces in my running shoes."

This is all coming from the gal who named her ipod after the cat in Hocus Pocus. Sadly I may need to get a new one since the old thing won't hold a charge the normal amount of time. It is from '04 though so I think it had a good run.

Do you have a crazy mix that you run to/workout to or is it more of one style?

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