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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I saw The Sign

It's right here actually.

I think NKOTB is haunting me. First, the tour w Backstreet Boys gets announced. If there was money to waste, yes waste, on that I'd so be going. Then the mentioning of them with Erin. Today they literally appeared. Well not in person especially since if they have been sitting in a hatbox in my coat closet for over a year and not uttered a single "step by step", I'd be pretty upset.

I keep my yarn in the coat closet since that was the first place it was put when we moved into the house. Plus it is a pretty much cat proof resistant location when it is up on the shelf. I have other bags of it on the floor of the closet which is the main reason Frankie got yelled at numerous times this evening. I knew the yarn I was looking for was in that closet but with him trying to explore made it a bit harder to find it. All is well now and I'll be parking myself on the couch with a large cup of tea in a few moments.

One of the reasons I love knitting is that is is so relaxing when it is a simple pattern. I have collected numerous patterns and magazines (Mmmmm Vogue Knitting) over the years and someday I'll be adventerous and try something more intricate.

It's easy to compare knitting patterns to recipes too actually. You have your ingredients/yarn, utensils/needles, pattern/recipe, cooking time/WIP (work in process) to finished product timeline.

The thing to remember though is you can't survive on yarn alone.

Yes I know, shameless plug withing my OWN site but know you have part of the backstory to why the name is such.

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