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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mews News

I had planned to write about a cookie recipe I tried today. Thing is though, there are no cookies. Not even is there dough chilling in the fridge for later. Nothing.

I had meant to bake. I seriously did but needed ginger. This lead to going shopping w The BFF but I went to pick her up. It all went downhill from there especially since last week I found out she had mews.

No not news, mews.

2 1/2 week old mews to be exact.

These little cuties are currently being called Tinsel and Garland. I like naming pets people names that seem fitting. The calico also meows like a grumpy old lady. Therefore she needs some sort of old fashioned name that can be shortened to a cute nickname.

Sadly, they aren't mine to name. I've been teasing Hubs that Frankie and Bond need a sister. I know that right now time, money and destruction wise, there is very little chance we'd get a new kitten. (I'd take Garland in a heartbeat if I could.) The destruction part being including is a result of my jokingly asking Hubs about us getting a new cat and then Frankie proceeding to start chewing on the faux fur fuzz on my coat. Yelling "Stop eating my coat!" doesn't help prove a point.

They both will find homes since The BFF has fostered probably over 100 animals the past ten years. She is amazing for doing it. We wouldn't have Frankie and Bond if it wasn't for her and her huge heart.

I'll get to the cookies later. Ity bity purring fuzzballs are more important. Plus I couldn't find ginger that wasn't under $3 for a tiny container.

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