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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Put down the knitting needles lady! You need a break!

The holiday knitting is done. If you are not a knitter, think of it as needing to bake, decorate, and package no less than six dozen cookies in a short amount of time. Oh and they all all cut out with a cookie cutter and frosted with homemade frosting, colored sugar, and various little add ons. Hubs and I always have the same conversation with my holiday knitting. I keep saying that I need to finish this and he says all I am talking about is finishing it. Yup. It makes sense to me but that's because I am a knitter.

We are having Christmas Eve at our place this year as a potluck. We've done some clean up and whatnot around the house but I know there will be much more. There is a spot cleared out and designated as the ham spot in the fridge. I have several boxes of cake mix and some of that spray frosting in the pantry. (Seriously spray frosting is crazy good - not as good as homemade but the fun factor of it being in the same state as spray cheese makes it amusing.)

The pups are getting a bath today. They will not be happy. Carrying one of the plastic mixing bowls w the handle upstairs is the cue for them to go into no-way mode. We are able to get them upstairs and into the shower but they don't go willing. Yes, we put them in the shower and turn it on for Cosmo. Molly is a mix of that + bowlfuls. They will willingly stand outside in the rain so this is basically the same thing. Plus all we have is the shower now. They have gotten baths outside when it is warm but that stressed Molly even more so we don't do that anymore.

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