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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Late and (Several) Dollars Short

I was lost in Target yesterday. Not literally lost in the sense that I couldn't find the exit, but more so because they are remodeling and becoming a Super Target. I had my plan of attack, aka the list of what I ACTUALLY needed, so that helped keep me from falling into the "ooooh preeeeeeeeetty"trap. I swear Target pipes something through the ventilation system that makes you happy and want to spend more money. Overall, I got my full list completed, tried on TWELVE things only to end up with a nice casual yet can be dressed up dress, and found a box of asiago, rosemary, pepper crackers. Crackers and a dress being the only things that weren't on the list is pretty good.

I went on out on my first run yesterday. I had been putting it off for silly reasons esp what if I don't do well. Redonkulous! I don't know where I became so hard on myself with this but enough is enough. I busted out the sunblock - kids spray version which I love because I always manage to rub it in my eyes something, laced up my shoes and got ready to go. I did about a 20/30 min run walk combo. Afterward it was a all call for running help since my shins hurt. The consensus was a combo of new shoes and not stretching enough. I'm still learning and getting advice from people who run for fun as well as people who ran a ton because they were in the military really helps.

I tried the Trudie Styler Warrior Yoga yesterday. Tried being the key word since it was much more advanced that I had anticipated. I've done yoga on and off for a good 15 years so I knew what she was talking about but not having done it lately made me turn it off. I'll stick with some easier stuff first to get more stretched out and then go back to it. The music is by Sting and the person speaking is pleasant to listen to so that is a plus. I just don't want to jump into it and hurt myself.

I'm modifying my fitness classes and just taking the tuesday Zumba class. It's a mix of wanting to save some money for awhile and that the tuesday class is the one when I feel I get the best workout. The group is great. We laugh and there is good energy.

Yesterday's food listing:


  • Double Green Monster - (had made some for Mr. CYSA which he tasted and liked but didn't want to mix with his coffee pre-work which was understandable; half pre-run + wait, half after) banana, OJ, 3 handfuls spinach, 6 strawberries, slice of pineapple, handful of ice
  • English muffin, 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, 2 shakes crazy salt


  • Giant bowl of brown rice, mixed frozen veggies, 2 shakes McCormick Kick n' Chicken (my fav), tablespoon of Country Crock, 3 shakes parmesan cheese
  • Chochip cookie dough ice cream (having this in the fridge kept me from stopping for a shake on the way home from target)
  • Water

Afternoon snack:

  • AB & J sandwich (never PB & J since I have a peanut allergy)
  • Cherry Pepsi

Dinner: Out since Mr. CYSA worked late and our plans to grill didnt work out :(

  • Slice & 1/2 sausage pizza & 2/3 of a Coors Light (not a big drinker) @ our fav local sports bar

Today's beginning food listing:


  • Green monster - same as yesterday but 2 slices of pinapple and two bananas instead of one
  • Egg mushrooms and cheese on english muffin

One thing that I realized is the lack of natural light in my kitchen has me hunting for a new place to try. Some of my recent food photos end up all washed out or just blah. If I don't like looking at it, I know others won't. This has also gotten me motivated to straight up various areas of clutter in case they end up being the new photo area. Funny how one thing changes another when you don't even realize it!

Other than some straightening up, today is a yard day - in parts since it is supposed to be warm/humid. I am thinning out one flowerbed/weeding so that it looks a bit less crazy. I have two extra tall plants that are making the rest look tiny. Those definitely need to be scaled back.

Other a different note, I am seriously loving the Gavin Rossdale w Apocalyptica song. I've been a fan of Bush, Institute and his other work. I think this showcases his voice very well. It also doesn't hurt that the man is gorgeous. :)

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