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Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is a real conversation that took place in our house tonight....

Mr. CYSA: I thought you were making a small smoothie
Me: I am
Mr. CYSA: Out of what?!?? Bricks?!?!

(I used a bit too much ice.)

Back up an hour earlier....

I get home from work and we headed out to get groceries. This past week we've been trying to eat up misc stuff that we already had and hadn't gotten too many groceries since getting back from Colorado. It wasn't too too too bad, OK yes it was, since I had spinach but no bananas. That means no smoothies. EEK! You know you are a smoothie addict when not having bananas is a problems. Would that technically be "going bananas sans bananas?"

We come home, eat dinner (yes we eat pretty late most nights due to work schedules) and yet I need a green monster and finally can make one.

Fast forward to Whirrrrrrr whirrrrr WHEEEIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRR and the above convo. It's technically NOT my fault since he surprised me with a bag of fruit and this dual multi blender for my birthday one year.

I'm excited that today is the start of the new season of Project Runway. I always find it interesting how the designers portray the feminine silhouette. There is always that question whether or not one area is exaggerated or featured over another. I will never understand certain aspects of fashion like ill placed cargo pant pockets. I have passed up many a capri cargo/standard cargo pant due to pockets being situated on the ONE place I really don't want to accentuate. I technically don't have wide hips/thighs etc but there's always one spot that makes me think of the Oompa Loompa pants.

Speaking of clothing though, I can't believe that the Healthy Living Summit is approaching so rapidly! I need to go shopping! Well tehnically not for a dress, I have a dress for the cocktail party but if I wear that dress I need new heeled sandals. However, if I look for new shoes I know there's a chance that I'll find another dress....not that's that a bad if I do.

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