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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Please remove the ice pick from my eyesocket, thank you

I was stuck home today with a migraine. Ugh. It is nothing new in that I have had them for about the past 10-12 years. I am lucky to not have them as frequently as others but 9.5 times out of 10 I'm stuck in bed as a result. Then more times than not I end up with what I call the migraine hangover, basically just feeling out of it.

I read years ago about various triggers and whatnot regarding migraines. I actually started food tracking a few years ago because of not knowing if it was food related or something else. Weight wise I was fine with where I was for the most part with only wanting to get in better shape. For the most part with me it is eating properly, temperature changes, sleeping enough, and that specific time of the month. Other times it comes completely out of the blue.

Today's was pretty annoying leading me to pop two Excedrin Migraines, have the heating pad on one side of my head and the ice pack on the other. When Mr. CYSA came home from work he couldn't help but slightly laugh at how silly I looked. I laughed too since I knew I looked silly. It took several hours longer than I had hoped for the magnitude of it to go away. I slept through breakfast which I know didn't help. If we had bananas I would have made a smoothie but alas, we don't. Plus my mini travel mug blender deal is mocking me by the bottom not unscrewing. (I was tempted to bang it on the cutting board but decided not to since it would have probably broken.)

The one scary thing though was that the last two times I have had migraines I've had crazy dreams. The time before last a guy that I knew in high school wasn't him but some sort of crazy attacker/assassin. I vaguely remember some sort of spy movie/tv show being watched around that time. The time today was reading something written on a ceiling (signatures on a wall/ceiling was mentioned in someone's blog not too long ago) and being in some sort of tunnel (tunnels are included in the most recent House of Night book I read) but I was trapped a few inches from the ceiling. When I woke up I literally had to swing my arms around and above my head to shake away that trapped feeling. I'm not claustrophobic but that still wasn't a great feeling. I wonder if it was my head being out of whack w the migraine that caused it or just not feeling well in general.

Has anyone else had weird dreams after a migraine/being sick?

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  1. Not recently but when I was a kid, I always had really bad nightmares whenever I was sick.

    I'm super greatful I don't get migraines severe enough to totally incapacitate my like that. Mine, if they're technically even migraines, tend to be just bad enough to ruin my day. I've found for me, more often than not, they're linked to dehydration.