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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Tonight was the first class of the latest session of Zumba and WOW it was intense. It was a good intense though. The first class of last session I had no idea what I was doing. It wasn't quite what I had expected and I wasn't sure if I'd take it again. Funny how a few weeks can change things. There is one song Crazy by Pitbull that she uses and the title of this post is part of the routine from it. I found myself w her instructions in my head one day when the song was on the radio. Real proof that the class is a keeper now.

Plus I've found that a weeknight class is better for me than an early weekend class. I get a better workout and then have my entire Saturday for housework, yard work, errands and whatnot. Then I don't feel guilty for skipping one or another. An hour of yard/housework may not be an hour of aerobics but I can still feel it the next day. That's especially the case when the weeds put up a fight. The only thing though it that I'm not super tired now. Hello DVR-ed TV!

I made Apricot Chicken on Sunday night and it turned out amazing. I looked at my plate, thought wow, and didn't think "camera" until it was almost gone. OOPS! I used low sodium chicken broth instead of wine (as mentioned in the reviews) and part of a regular onion rather than a scallion. I couldn't find fresh apricots so I used canned but rinsed them twice to get rid of most of the syrup. I couldn't find low sugar/no sugar but sometimes the lite canned fruit tastes funky to me. The recipe page suggested spinach and quinoa. I stuck w the quinoa but added a yellow/green bean/carrot mix. Yum yum yum. Next time the plan is to keep the same modifications but try adding some garlic.

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