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Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's a wrap.... and a concert... and a lot of traffic....

I've gotten hooked on wraps again (and I am not talking Fresh Prince though now I have the theme song stuck in my head) which is working well with leftovers. Tonight's later than normal evening snack is a whole wheat wrap with sharp cheddar cheese, a shake of McCormick's Kick n Chicken seasonings, and leftover mixed frozen veggies. Awesome! I need to get to Aldi though soon since I am now out of them. Not awesome!

I am having a what day is today (...it's Rex Manning Day!... or now) since my normal schedule is pretty messed up in terms of actual planned out plans. Tues was no zumba due to the concert and my hooping class was cancelled tonight. In a ways though it is good since I managed to hurt my ankle this past weekend.

Hurt ankle was a result of falling off an edging brick. An EDGING brick around a flowerbed led me to hobble around for three days. It was pull weed, step back, wobble wobble, ankle turns, foot turns and down I go. I am super lucky though that I didn't break anything, tear anything, or cause serious harm. My plan was that if today it hurt when I walked slowly I was going to go into the clinic to make sure it wasn't serious. Luckily when I woke up today it felt much much much better.

It is also a sign that my running shoes are still on vacation in their box. Perhaps next week. I am not giving up, I just need to actually START. (I don't know why I am all capitalize-ey today.)

Tuesday night was Offspring and 311 w opening band, Pepper, at Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island. Basically it is near the Museum Campus in Downtown Chicago - Planetarium, Field Museum, etc. I had been there years ago to see The Goo Goo Dolls and was impressed by the location. The sound was good, the skyline is right there and you had that lake breeze (when there was actual fresh air since 311 WAS one of the bands playing - seriously people do you need to smoke up to enjoy this band??? yuck yuck stinky!) Best of all parking was included in the ticket and there were trolleys w funny drivers.

I have never seen Offspring even with one of my oldest and best-est friends being a super giant fan of theirs. 311 I have seen a few times. Basically, I knew they wouldn't disappoint and in my opinion, they didn't. True they stated a bit radio song heavy but there was energy in the crowd with everyone dancing. Offspring is now on my to-see-again list rather than my to-see list.

Years ago I used to go to concerts all the time. I had friends in bands, friends that were friends w bands, band that were local and just plain amazing as well as the touring/larger bands. Lately it has died down especially with large scale concerts being so expensive in terms of fees. I'll still go but now I am more selective.


  1. I will run with you, seriously. I need someone local to run with. Give me a time and a place.

  2. Also, We mustn't fret. No, not today. Not on Rex Manning day!

  3. Damn the MAN, Save the EMPIRE!

    Yes, def need to find a day/time.