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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's with today, today?

I just realized that it's later than I thought and I need to get my Food Network watching butt up to bed. EEK! In my attempt to be a better/more frequent blogger....

  • Today's food listing:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/2 orange bell pepper, 1/4 white onion, cooked in olive oil & seasoned with mixed up salt; mangosteen green tea in my Harry Potter mug from when the exhibit was at the Field Museum - the "good guys" are on the other side.


    Lunch: Extra large "ugly salad" 2 kinds of lettuce, 1/4 medium tomato, 1/8 orange bell pepper, 3 tablespoons shredded sharp cheddar, 1 can tuna (in water, don't like the oil kind) shaken with 2 tablespoons Fit & Active light ranch dressing. Water water water
    Afternoon snack: Cherry limeade (YUM) & choco-chip cookie dough ice cream
    Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti w homemade meatballs (80/20 ground beef, egg, onion salt, black/red pepper shot, garlic powder, 1/8 cup non-seasoned breadcrumbs), sauce made w one med zucchini, remainder of orange pepper (from the day), olive oil, red pepper flakes, plain tomato sauce, water
    Evening snack: Cinnamon struesel soy/multi grain crisps, cherry limeade
  • Not thrilled with trying to explain my current weight to people. Outside people in my life will see me as thin/good weight yet people close to me see it as I have "put on a noticeable amount of weight in a short time." This frustrates me especially since I have never actually known what my ideal weight is/should be. I have some ranges that work well with how I feel and that number is not much less than what I am now. Using past ranges when I was super critical, dealing with self-caused stress and general anxiety, as well as skipping breakfast unless it was fast food take-out or an energy drink, eating fast food lunches at least twice a week, a 2+ can of Coke a day habit, and not doing anything in terms of generalized workout routine isn't really that legit. I will find a good range where I feel good, eat well yet still indulge at times, and have a somewhat routine workout schedule. Then if I get comments, the only other option is a bone saw. (This is clearly a joke.)
  • Neighbors have been shooting off fireworks all day. Cosmo has turned into a big furry shadow/scaredey dog. Molly keeps jumping. Of course Frankie and Bond, being cats, aren't too worried. Tomorrow will be the true test especially since Cosmo wanted to escape the fireworks last year and kept giving us the PUHLEASE puppy dog eyes.
  • I've discovered Cupcake Warms on the Food Network. I'm living vicariously through the people on the show. I like to bake but don't bake often since we waste a lot when I do or I end up taking it to work. There IS a small batch baking book that I got from the library ages ago that I need to actually buy. Cupcake batch meaning 8 cupcakes is much better number for two people.
  • Banana bread muffins are another story. Those can be a full batch. I have a few leopard bananas that need to be removed from the fruit basket soon. Perhaps I'll bake if the weather is willing in the morning. I hate turning on the oven when it's super warm.
  • No Zumba class today. I ended up doing the first day/first level of 30 Day Shred today. I was warned that tomorrow I will hurt. Perhaps this may be the case w the crunches since my neck is always tense but overall I did it but didn't overdo it. With it being anything new, I never go in full steam ahead. I did that once and was in pain from overexerting myself.

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