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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doodoo... bebe... doodoo

I have remix dance music stuck in my head now. Caitlin @ Healthy Tipping Point was talking about movie trailer music. It got me thinking of stuff that I have included in my playlists to get me moving. I also need to make some new ones. They may not all be running on a treadmill mixes like before but with some stability ball and hooping music included too.

This one always works to get me moving.

I saw part of Transformers 3 being filmed downtown today. The little version of me who used to watch it as a cartoon and play with the cars (which I still have the Burger King versions of in a box) was totally geeking out.

I came home today, decided I needed a nap and proceeded to fall asleep for two hours. Oops. I guess I needed that but it totally messed up dinner. I'm not hungry but know if I don't eat something I'll be up at 2am with a grumbly tummy.

I'm thinking probably a salad since I picked up three bags of salad from Aldi this past weekend. I never knew they had butter lettuce so this was a good trip. They had an italian mix too. I've found myself becoming a lettuce snob. I can't just eat iceburg alone anymore!


  1. hey, i really like your blog, totally different from everything I'm reading. Heck yes to color guard and marching band. I take pride in knowing that the geeks all end up ruling the world in the end ;-).

    - Maren @ Simply Maren

  2. Thank you! :)

    I too take pride in it esp being married to another former band geek w an ongoing star wars addiction.