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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adding it to the list

I'm not the best with to-do lists. I can easily get distracted especially doing things around the house. I get hungry. One of the pets do something bad or cute or decide to start tearing about the house like a tornado knocking things over. I remember I recorded something earlier in the week and watch that.

Yesterday I actually did pretty well though. Hubs and I attacked our room which was needing it. The dresser is finally completely finished. (We had used the wrong screw in one place and it messed up progress.) TONS of laundry was done. (Yet I still have more to do today.) That was all the majority of the indoor must-do list but it still really made a big result.

Today is the grocery shopping list day. If we don't go with a list the result is pretty crazy. We once ended up with about six boxes of whole wheat pasta after not making a list as well as checking the pantry. OOPS! True, it ended up being eaten but it took over almost half a shelf in the pantry. I know I will still end up with one or two things we had forgotten to add to the list but overall it won't be bad. Plus bringing my reusable bags help with seeing exactly how much I need to carry in.

Now I really need to get off the computer, eat lunch and get moving. The pumpkin granola cereal on special is calling to me. It better be there and not taunting me.


  1. I have to make a list too, or I'll go crazy and spend too much. It seems house work is never ending on my end. Then again, I just got to laundry today. lol Have a relaxing Sunday

  2. I have the same problems. It's really easy to get distracted! If I don't make a list I won't get it done.