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Monday, October 11, 2010

Zombie.... soup?

The weather in Chicagoland has been way to wacky lately. First you need some sort of light wrap/scarf and this past weekend was shorts weather for some. I just opted for jeans and sandals. Crazy weather changes usually result in allergy attack or some sort of head cold. Since it is technically supposed to be October (yet it was like 75 today), the winner is a head cold! (And the audience doesn't cheer.)

Today it feels like half of my head is on some sort of swing - like top jaw and above - which means my sinuses are all out of whack. Not the worst thing in the world but really annoying. So my coughy sniffly self took a bit of a nap pre-making dinner which did help a bit.

When I'm sick chicken soup always helps. I know there is actual proof in it working but it's also that comfort food aspect to it as well. I just hope when it's done simmering it tastes as good as it smells. (That and I stop snacking and don't ruin my dinner since the nap has it set much later than normal.) Rather I hope it tastes like it should since everything I eat tastes just slightly off. Everything I had today had extra seasoning in it. I just don't want to over do it!

I did that with chili once. Too many peppers. It was good. Then the roof of your mouth started melting.


Survey says! This week is super duper tea, sleep, good food, sleep, more tea and more tea to make me feel better.

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