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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh my gourd! Wait that is a squash!

The last few days have been all over the place. I am happy that the head cold, probably from one of my adorable 2nd cousins that I saw on Saturday, is not raging at full force. Will it come back to that level? Maybe. Is it gone yet? No. Is it as bad as when I managed to make soap soup on Monday? No.

Yes, that is correct. No typo. Soap soup.

In my I-feel-awful mode, I wanted soup. Made soup - chicken veggie heavy on Tuscan blend of seasonings. It smelled amazing and I knew that the hot broth part of it would make my head feel much better. I fix myself a bowl. Take a tiny taste since it was hot and the "something isn't right" alarm went off. Since everything food wise tasted funny (gotta love when sinuses do that!) I took another TINY TINY sip and was able to identify a soap/cleaner-esque element. Now that I have deliberately tasted cleaner but soap sometimes doesn't always get rinsed off and spray bottles down always only spray where they are supposed to spray.

So that was my second cooking fail for the week. I tried to make Angela's pull apart rolls from Oh She Glows. While I am not a vegan, I like a lot of her recipes since they look like they are able to be modified or I can email her if I have a question. I really should have emailed her with a question since I, being too lazy to go out of the house for more white flour, used mostly whole wheat flour. My rolls ended up Non-Vegan Sorta Springy Wheat Rolls. I am not adding the dinner part to it since it wasn't dinner worthy. They were too dense for my liking. The taste was ok but overall I wasn't thrilled. Hubs liked it with the broth from our pot roast. I had two when still warm but sadly that was my baking fail. I DO plan to make it the PROPER way and not be lazy about getting myself to the store.

Today was a long morning due to a funeral (someone who lived a long life surrounded by kids, grand kids, family and friends, but as funerals are, it was sad.) I didn't want to just settle for take-out especially since we had the luncheon afterwards. Banquet food, while this place was good, isn't take out but it's not homemade. (Plus with this cold my stomach has been out of whack.)

After a bit of searching and looking at recipes, I decided to try something from Cooking, Dunkin Style. I had a butternut squash waiting to be cooked and didn't want it to get forgotten. I ended up making the roasted butternut squash and topped whole wheat spaghetti with it and a bit of Parmesan cheese. I liked the recipe and plan to read more of her blog to see what else I might try.

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