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Friday, October 8, 2010

O is for Onion, D is for Debate

Growing up my mom would saute mushrooms and onions in a bit of margarine (usually Country Crock or something similar.) We ate so many mushrooms in fact that when Hubs and I were dating he would automatically include "mushrooms" before I could answer what was for dinner that night. (We worked alternate shifts and so talked every day as much as possible and saw each other almost all weekend when we could.) It became a running joke for a long time.

Now though we have the onion debate. I don't like raw onions unless it is red/purple onion. He dislikes cooked onions. If I chop them up ity bity that will work or if it is not onion-ey tasting.

Tonight I ended up making dinner for myself and he took care of his dinner. What did mine include? A WHOLE onion... plus mushrooms, turkey meatballs (ih - frozen kind =
ok but much better when finished being cooked in the mush/onion/imitation Country Crock) and Parmesan cheese. SOOO GOOD. The house smelled of caramelized onion goodness. I was very happy and transported back to my childhood home for awhile. Then the cats knocked over something in the living room and brought be back to the current moment in time.

Is there something that takes you back to a prior moment in time when you make it? Can you eat a kind of food raw but not cooked or vise versa?


  1. I like raw and cooked onions, and mushrooms. I cook them a lot. I hate raw tomatoes, and can usually eat them cooked, if they are small or made into sauce. Kind of funny how that works isn't it? I wonder why people have that issue. LOL.

    Instant transport food? Cream of Wheat. ;)

  2. I am of the opinion you can never have too much onion or garlic in your food - cooked or raw. You know how I feel about mushrooms though!

    I'll eat salmon raw, but I won't eat it cooked - that's probably my weirdest one.