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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I swore we bought olives

Tonight was one of those nights when my brain decides it does not want to work properly. I "lost" a can of olives of the two I thought we just bought. We hadn't gotten two, just one. It, of course, was sitting right in front of me. Hubs looked at me waiting to see if I was joking. Sadly I was not.

Since my channeling Lorelei Gilmore is on high tonight, I will leave you with something while not actual words translates to "MOOMMMAAA I'm HUUUUUNNNNGRRRRRYYYY" & "Yup me too."


  1. Adorable! I have a cat that does the exact same thing, although I feel the translation is closer to, "Bitch, where's my dinner?"

    My cat has something of a potty mouth.