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Friday, October 22, 2010

Awesome muffins take 2 & crazy appliances

Today's major plan was to make the oatmeal applesauce muffins that I had tried a aways back. Being off today helped too in that I didn't have to make them at night. I included more of the brown sugar that the recipe called for and they seem a bit denser today. It may have been cooking time/over temp as well. Overall they turned out well. Successful baking of something two times always works for me. I have a default double chocolate cookie recipe that always works in a pinch (when I have all the ingredients of course.)

Last night I had a plan to do absolutely nothing but drink numerous cups of tea and watch recorded tv curled up on the couch. Add at least one cat using me as a sleeping location. I was warm, cozy, being purred on and then, the tv stopped working. Shut off. Done. Nothing. Ugh. It went goofy once before because something got loose. It was a simple disconnect/reconnect but it was still annoying. I really hope that it is this problem again because a new tv right now isn't in the budget. We DO have two tvs but during football season the battle begins. YAY for online tv and Netflix though.

My plan to be mellow last night was supposed to fuel super mode today. I'm not feeling it. I do have my garden Converse on. (They travel from everywhere to some places to mild errands to working in the yard.) The motivation to jump up and run out there is in the ih stage. Since it is sunny I will get some done especially since a bunch of my annuals are on their last leg. One day I hope to have one of those rolling compost containers. (Since they do sorta look like a legged version of the Death Star, I wouldn't be suprised if it gets outlines painted on it.)

Tomorrow's "plan" is a trip to the dentist. I can't help but become a giant ball of nerves. Everyone there is super great, nice, etc so it's not them. It's just the visit w the antiseptic smell and getting my sensitive teeth messed with.

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