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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Will Run for Chocolate... & The Ronald McDonald House

October is always a big deal to me. It is one of my abso favorite (almost put a u in there due to reading various UK/Canadian posts lately!) months. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hubs and I got engaged in October of 2007.

Yesterday added to the October greatness. I registered for my FIRST 5k EVAH... errr I mean ever. Technically I "registered" though it was more so set up log in/account for race, stare at computer, reread all info about 5 times. Submit information. Stare at information regarding race jacket, rapidly text my IRL friends who run, Cate (from Seriously, You're Taking My Bagels?!? ) and Stina (from Girl Can), with misc questions to make sure I had this all as set as possible. Stare at computer. Think something along the lines of "Ok you are doing this" (which is similar to what I did when I registered for The Healthy Living Summit thinking I'd not know anyone.) Hit submit and immediately get all giggly woohoo-rush.

I am super excited since this is the Hot Chocolate 5k in Chicago. Ghirardelli is the sponsor and there will be chocolate goodness at the end which is a major perk. The bigger "perk" though is that the charity is Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. There is a hospital very close to where I live that has one of these houses. I've spoken with a friend of a friend who is a nurse at that hospital. She told me firsthand how families benefit from being able to stay there. True the info from their site/the race sit explains this as well but hearing it in person always sticks with me more.

So now I need tips, tricks, ANY help you can give me for getting ready, continuing training, not-to-do s, etc! One...two... three....GO!


  1. HAVE A BLAST At the Hot Chocolate. Get ready to do the slow shuffle for the first part of it. there are so many people that they just shuffle along til they get to the actual start line. The Goody Bag ROCKS - I love my pullover sweatshirt from last year. I was a volunteer and wanted to do the 5K this year. i can't though but maybe next year I'll do it with ya. Are you doing it w/Stina?

  2. I'm super excited!!! Yes Stina is planning to run it, as is several people we each know individually. I'm set up as a 12 min mile so I'll be a ways back but I did that on purpose. I can only improve from there! :)