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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Full length mirror

I started this post originally more so of a semi rant about fashion and ill fitting clothes. Half way through something just didn't sit right and so that got erased.

I take public transportation quite often and seem probably hundreds if not thousands of people each week. You can tell they are from all backgrounds, walks of life, and whatever other label you want to use. One thing that keeps me pausing more and more is whether or not people own a full length mirror.

I know it is a trivial thing and would probably result in an eyeroll or two if I told someone this in public but it is an honest question. I know I do wear some things at times that aren't quite right be it color matching, size or fit. The thing is I see people do this all the time and wonder why. Do they not care? Are they denying the fact that they have gained weight/lost weight? Can they not afford to buy something else? As mentioned, do they not have a good lighting or a good mirror? Do they think they look good and therefore wear it just because they can? Is there something going on inside their head that no one knows but them?

I've been the person not caring and thrown on something to run to the grocery store. I've lived in pjs for a weekend because I was sick or incredibly emotionally exhausted about something.

I've denied the fact that I've put on weight (even if it was a whopping 8lbs) and my clothes don't fit as well. If it didn't fit right it got shoved back into the closet for "later" and later got put on hold until after I bought a new pair of jeans.

I've denied the fact that I've lost weight (even if it was a whopping 3lbs) yet increased my muscle mass and so I now own some droopy butt pants. I just hiked them up and put on a belt as long as I didn't look Urkle-ish.

I've been in situations before when extras need to get cut to save money. Then I wear what I already own and make purchases for what I only specifically need in terms of extras.

I've dealt with bad lighting and bad mirrors and walked around with crazy and/or uneven eyebrows or not-quite right color combos.

I've worn some things that I thought looked GREAT as well as some hairstyles. Some were fashion (gotta love late 80s and 90s) some were my "own" fashion ideas.

I've had some struggles about myself in terms of body image. Growing up I was naturally thin and had to deal with the onslaught things like bird leg references, comments of not being fed enough/don't you eat, and even having eating disorder terms thrown at me in terms of taunting and jokes. (The latter most even to this day infuriates me the most esp since there are so many people struggling with that and it is NO joke.) While thin-based teasing is often brushed away since teasing someone about being fat is much worse in people's opinions, to a kid growing up it is still mean.

I don't think I will ever fully understand why people will deliberately choose to wear something stretched to capacity or so over sized that they will need to hold up their clothes. I can't tell people to buy something in a bigger size or hand out belts because then I'd be the inconsiderate one.

What do you think?

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