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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why hello Fall

This morning when I went outside for the first time my feet were cold. True it was a little before 8am but still. I've been so used to it being horribly warm that it was a bit surprising. True, it will warm up again but it felt nice. Then it was too cold and I went back in!

Not worrying about overheating the house lead to a berry muffin instant mix. Good but only makes six small-ish muffins. I've already eaten my half and to be fair the others are waiting in the microwave (aka the safe place from the cats without putting them in a tupperware in the pantry) for Hubs.

I reorganized most of the pantry today which is something that was needed. The goal is to stop buying canned/boxed goods that we already have in multiple (like canned fruit... oh look! more pineapple!) and eat what we have now. We did good at this for awhile then a few fast "get the stuff off the counters" and a "where did that go - shuffle shuffle" here and there happened. It wasn't horrid but it wasn't good. Now I can look in and for the most part, have a general sense of what to get.

We did really good with meal planning last week and ended up with very few leftovers. Most can get eaten before garbage time monday morning. I did a leftover mash up for lunch: canned cream of chicken soup w red onion, green pepper, and bulgar added. It tasted great but my stomach wasn't happy. I don't know if it was too rich, too much salt, or just a cranky stomach. I liked the flavor of the mix though and am planning to make a more broth based version of chicken soup with that.

The plot for tonight is a shrimp though mostly veggies stir fry with brown rice. We need to go grocery shopping but I really hadn't wanted to go today. I might later but most likely tomorrow morning pretty early.

If I hadn't had the last egg as part of my breakfast, I would have made Savoury Pumpkin Scones from Oh She Glows. Angela tweeted about the recipe earlier today. Finding a can of pumpkin in the pantry that was still good was a sign. I'll modify it slightly since I don't have/use some of the ingredients. Hopefully it will turn out well.

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