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Saturday, September 18, 2010

You know what I mean....

I first watched Six Feet Under from a rented DVD. The music intrigued me so much that I picked up both soundtracks without hearing that much of them. I ended up buying the entire series - the boxed set w the astroturf and the tiny little tombstone up top - not too long afterwards. I still need to finish the series. There's an idea for when we cancel cable. One thing I truly enjoy about the soundtracks is the majority of the songs resonate extremely well, sometimes more than others but overall more times than not.

I used to keep my hoop in one of the guest room until I realized keeping it tucked away behind the small-ish sofa in our "office" downstairs was a better idea. Now if a specific song moves me to grab it or if there is a commercial break while I'm watching something on tv that is not recorded, it is RIGHT there.

I had numerous hoola hoops as a kid. I've always been good at it and enjoyed hooping. As a kid I still remember hooping on my front lawn during my town's neighborhood festival. People walked down to the park, realized it was too highly priced for their liking and walked back. They asked if I had stopped and I hadn't. Once I got in the groove it was easy.

Not that long ago I took a hoop dance class. It was more dance than workout which I think may have bothered some people. I like it since it was my third class for the week. There is a beautiful fluidity when you watch someone who seriously knows what they are doing. My instructor was very talented yet willing to explain that it is still easy to mess up even the basic moves. I did learn a bunch but I also whapped myself in the head quite a few times or launched my hoop across the room.

I'm done taking classes for awhile now. The money spent on that is being used elsewhere for awhile but the skills I learned I can keep up with and grow from there. Plus even just basic hooping is a good workout when that is the aspect I am looking for at the moment.

At the moment though it was time to step away from the hoop and try to wind down. I got in a fast past reorganizing mode earlier. It was a cross between needing an estimate of what yarn colors I still have as well as watching Hoarders, which in general makes me want to straighten up. I ended up throwing out a bag of stuff we didn't need, repacked a good amount of my yarn more so by type, and found about 5 cat "toys." They aren't all store bought ones since they both go bonkers over the rings below the cap on a gallon of milk. It works better than them being underfoot, hiding in the closet, or terrorizing my yarn.

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  1. Ok, I need some hooping tips and tricks! I can't get that thing to stay up...ever!