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Friday, September 3, 2010

Sometimes I need to remind myself to just SLOW DOWN

I managed to run myself into the ground this week. Not literally though I did trip, yet catch myself on the banister, before I rolled myself down my stairs... though only a few of them... like 10 of the 13 total. EEK!

I thought I was running off adrenaline but really I was running off the extra kick my body was using to try to fight a head cold. The head cold won. While I'm not happy it makes me realize that I can't just take it as it comes - energy wise - and really need to make sure I stick with my sleep/rest plan. I was doing well then got carried away too late plus the sneezy people on public trans doesn't really help.

I had a weird and somewhat disturbing moment on the L tonight. I was sitting there reading my book and overheard a young (maybe early 20s) couple talking. Not a big deal right? Then I hear the girl talking about wanting to go visit her friend. The other girl lived out of state. The guy said she couldn't. (RED FLAG) She couldn't because he didn't want her to go. There was no because after that. No reason other than basically she wasn't allowed by his tone and body language.

I caught myself glaring at them at least once before I remembered I was wearing my reading glasses and not sunglasses. I wanted to SCREAM at the top of my lungs at both of them. GROW UP! BE A MAN NOT THE MANCHILD YOU THINK YOU ARE! WHY DO YOU NEED HIS PERMISSION TO GO VISIT YOUR FRIEND! IS HE IN CHARGE OF EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE! The conversation puttered along w some comments of an ex gf and then they got off the train. Watching her body language she was obviously upset and he didn't seem to understand why. It was a situation that may seem normal to some but it really bugged me. It was one of those moments where I wish I had remembered the post-its in my bag and stuck one right near her that said something like...

"You are important. Don't let others tell you otherwise."

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