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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bwwwwreeeetchchchchchchchch and the leaves go flying!

My original plan for this morning was either take a walk, go for a run, or try some sort of video based workout. Then when I woke up that all flew out the window. I got up, watched the birds in the backyard fountain (yes, a ity bity little waterfall fountain) with Frankie for a bit, and then had this magic burst of energy. It screamed YARDWORRRRK! in that TV commercial mom having a revelation about some sort of house/school/misc life task. True, there was no echo resonating from my voice and it was way too early for a close up! EEK!

Breakfast took a bit more time than planned since the red onions and mushrooms decided that they wanted to try out for the circus and the place flipped off the counter. Maybe it thought it was buttered toast too since it landed face down. Rechopp, fried up the last of the egg substitute mix and it was time to eat. I wasn't as hungry by then so I ate half, downed most of the coffee w the caramel macchiatto creamer (YUM!), and changed for yard work.

I am not the best at yardwork, gardening and whatnot but I have grand plans and hopes that someday I will have a decently green thumb. When the mood strikes to get out there, I do but at other times I just stare at it as it mocks me. Cutting the bushes, while technically isn't a big deal, visually makes a difference. We have one of those HedgeHog trimmers which I love. It isn't too too heavy for me to move around yet I can always feel it in my arms later that day and the next day. I think it is from getting too into the moment and terrorizing the branches. I didn't do any maniacal laughing but it would have been fitting. The neighbor who was also working outside though probably would think I am kookier than he may already.

I had a lazy lunch of Scoops and salsa and ended up with a stomach ache was my fault since a more substantial meal would have been a better option. The plan was to no go to the grocery store hungry but due to the tummy troubles, I have yet to go. This particular store doesn't close 'til 8 so that works and we don't need a ton of things right now. The definite things on the list are beans, cajun rice mix and some frozen fruit since I haven't had a smoothie in ages.

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