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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I watched Julie & Julia today after recently seeing it as part of the new release section on (in?) Netflix. I needed some me time to seriously zone out and since football was on Hubs was in the man-cave (aka part of the garage) so I could watch a girl movie without him "mocking" me. He seriously thinks most romantic comedies and general chick flicks are basically the same storyline. I can't totally disagree with that but the aspect of how they get to the end point is always fun as well as the fashion aspect of it. I can't help it. If I had a good amount of "mad money" to spend on whatever, I'd have a new wardrobe every season. The practical side of me probably would smush that idea anyway, but it's fun to think about it every now and then.

I digress, so the movie is one that I had wanted to go see in the theater. I never did. The reason why I don't remember but it was more than likely that since we have Netflix I'd just wait. I knew of the story but back then it was a story based on a book based on a blog based on a book. Even though I technically set up this account in August of 2009, I wasn't a food blogger. I was a craft blogger thinking that perhaps I'd do a food or a fitness related blog. I started, deleted, started, deleted, and let sit empty. Now that I've had this new version, 2.0 though technically not, the movie hit home a bit differently.

I understand the fascination of finding a recipe and the breakdown of things not turning out well. I've gotten giddy over magazine arriving in the mail with some sort of amazing dish on the cover (Woman's Day, I'm talking to you!) or when someone posts something that I NEED to try. I've cried over destroying not one but two grilled cheese sandwiches in a row since seriously grilled cheese isn't supposed to be that hard. I've gotten ecstatic over trying a new recipe for the first time, bringing it to a party and having people love it. The movie connected. It worked. With a current knitting project in my lap and a glass of water at my side, it just worked. True, I had to stop and start it due to misc stuff going on and the giant white monster known as the washing machine.

One thing I felt that was in the movie, maybe not on purpose, was the aspect of not being afraid. The aspect of something not working out was there, of course. That's just life. I've had times throughout the years when I have scared myself into not doing things. Be it being afraid of failure, opinions of others, or just generally being to hard on myself. I will freely admit it because I know it's true. I'm not perfect. Never want to be really as well because then there is no room for improvement, no room for learning and for growth. The me from even five years ago, if asked would play on a team volleyball league, would say no. Me now, even though terrified of making a fool out of myself, is signed up for one. Will I launch the ball at someone? Probably. Will I totally miss it more than twice? Of course. Will I end up pretty decent? Only time will tell.

They say when life gives you lemons, they say to make lemonade. I say screw the lemonade and make lemon meringue.

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