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Monday, September 6, 2010

As the weekend blurs to an end

Yesterday was seriously a blur. Sunday dinner (as in 1:00pm for full sit down dinner as it has always been for family gatherings) then off to an early evening BBQ then off to a late late evening fire pit. Even with a full schedule it was good to see my family, my friends who are like family since we all grew up together (they are sisters.) and friends that I haven't seen in months. The only bad part of not being able to stay at all/get to all at start times was that I missed seeing my niece before she went to bed. Since she's under two, it totally makes sense.

Today was a bit crazy and I ended up taking it out on the upstairs bathroom. It got a good scrub including an old toothbrush scrub for the tiny crevices around the shower stall, shelves dragged out and wiped down, and even the walls. True we clean it but not super deep clean like this every week. Hubs has shower scrub duty this time - we alternate - so I didn't have to do that.

I ended up buying a jar of Ragu today while out at the crazy packed grocery store. The place was almost sitcom-like. There was a huge line of people with carts awaiting the deli. The location of the deli is in the back of the store but there isn't a large aisle near it like at other places. I passed on getting lunch meat this time esp since we have a great local corner store near us with a deli counter. In my attempt to get away from the line o' carts, I found agave nectar. I didn't get it this time since I was trying to stick to my list only but know I know a local place that carries it.

Dinner ended up spaghetti - regular white pasta aka wow I haven't had this in ages/mmm chewy! - with fresh Italian sausage and chopped green peppers, red onion, and mushrooms. I cooked the sausage on the Foreman, chopped it up and put it in the sauce with everything else. I was impressed with the Ragu and as long as I don't end up with an angry stomach I'd get it again.

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