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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Picked a non-pickled pepper...

I've gotten spoiled having a garden again this year. Maybe spoiled isn't the best word but being able to open the patio door, take a few barefooted steps on my patio and pick a fresh green bell pepper makes me feel like it.

I made a red onion, pepper, and egg scramble. We tried the Fit & Active egg substitute this week. It seems pretty similar to Egg Beaters yet significantly cheaper. There is only one flavor which is fine because I'll add spices to my eggs from time to time. I've never baked with anything but an actual egg so this will be interesting.

If we hadn't bought cookies this week, I probably would be baking now. It's raining and semi-gloomy. I found some variations of the Small Batch Baking recipes that I want to try. While we both love home baked goodies, we don't end up eating a full batch of whatever I make. This way if I want to make a full batch and give some away I can but also make just enough for the two of us.

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