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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why hello Brinner how are you?

We had breakfast for dinner tonight which was one of those amazingly great things when I was a kid. My mom always made great pancakes. I always manage to burn half so Hubs made them tonight. We had the regular egg beaters and ham as sides so it was almost like Denny's without the sticky menus and the pop music piped through the sound system. (The last one wasn't horrible music wise just heavy on the jr high-ish stuff.)

I threw caution to the wind tonight and threw together a veggie & cheese sandwich for tomorrow: wheat sandwich thin (YAY to HLS swag coupons!), sharp cheddar cheese, roasted red pepper hummus, green pepper, tomato, and avocado. It may deconstruct itself en route but that should still work. I haven't had too much experience with predominately veggie sandwiches. I do enjoy the Mediterranean one at Panera to the extent that if/when I buy feta cheese I hope to duplicate it. I've had vegetarian sandwiches elsewhere and as long as it isn't too heavy on sprouts, they work.

I am technically not going vegetarian but we do eat quite an amount of vegetables in this house, be it fresh, frozen, or canned. With the tomato plants in the yard, I get spoiled and then have to wait another half a year til we get to plant more. (The wait is definitely worth it though.) I'm trying to find more veggie based recipes or ideas that I can add something like shrimp or chicken breast to as well. I've found that we really don't eat a ton of red meat anymore. I don't know if it was cost or that we have tried and liked alternatives. (Currently we have four 1 lb packages of ground chicken divided between the two freezers.) I've read Veganomicon which I think has some great recipes as well.

This is also when I first decided to try edamame. While I didn't actually make the recipe, I did buy a bag. It has been totally worth it since that is my new go-to when cooking. I have a bad habit that if I am hungry as I cook, I munch on whatever. It may not necessarily be something bad, but by the time the actual meal is done I am not as hungry as when I started.

Do you have any quirks or tricks for when you are cooking while hungry?

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  1. I <3 brinner! Seriously. I could probably eat breakfast for every meal.

    I tend to pack sandwiches separately and then assemble them at work. I do this because I like to toast my bread, but it also keeps things from falling apart and getting soggy.