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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

waahhhh choo!

I've managed to catch one of the inbetween season headcolds which I am not thrilled about since it is zapping me of extra energy. I've decided it is best to rest more and try to not worry about misc things that vary from the length of time I can wait to plant my mums to the incoming dread of when the gas bill kicks up. (We don't keep it turned waaaaay up but it's enough to throw our budget for a loop. Perhaps this will be the year to go on the budget plan that the company offers.)

I haven't run since I was worn out and am a bit behind. Not really discouraged but not thrilled. Power walking can only do so much. I'm going to wait it out and take care of this cold and head back out. Even if it's a face paced walk for a half hour I know it will help.

One thing recently that did get my heart rate up was a present left by one of the cats. It may have been both of them but luckily I will never know. I was greeted one morning but a dead mouse on the stairs. EWWWW GROOSSSSSS YUCK! Now I guess this is a cat thing and my MIL and the BFF seemed less grossed out. Safe to say I have at least one mouser between the two. I really hope they never catch one again especially since this was the first time ever.

On a more pleasant note, tonight is a knockoff of the cajun shrimp and chicken pasta from TGI Fridays. I still enjoy getting it out but it is really fun to make. We are just having it with the shrimp this time but in the past it worked out exceptionally well with both. Alfredo sauce mixed with cajun seasonings, red pepper flakes, and at times red bell peppers makes it pretty close.


  1. I have a serious phobia of mice. I would have had totally keeled over.

  2. I've gotten the same present from my cats a few times and agree that it's totally gross. However, I keep telling myself that a dead mouse is better than a live mouse.

  3. E: I literally jumped over that step yelling "EW EW EW!"

    D: Quite true.