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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Anyone else feel like they are in a pinball machine lately?

Whoossssshhhhhh there goes today!

I am one that when I get super excited or super stressed about something I go in fast paced mode. That's when I have to remember that running on adrenaline is not a good idea and that while being a woman I am supposedly able to multitask, doing 5 things at once as I race around the house is not a good idea. Obviously with this weekend being the Healthy Living Summit the whoooshhhhh is happy/excited related and not stressed out related. I've made a point this week to try to get to bed at a reasonable time. That has definitely helped.

I may not be technically packed but the majority is all together or freshly washed. I've gotten much better at packing the last few years. Worse case I can always run home, while it'd be a bit of a pain w the traffic woes from road construction lately, it is possible to get something if I forget something.

I'm really looking forward to seeing others who aren't from the area's perspective on Chicago. I've been going downtown as long as I can remember and way back memories were when the bus steps were HUGE. True, there are some things that have changed or been renamed - SEARS Tower... I miss Marshall Fields! It may be Macys but the famous clock is still there.

Nothing exciting or really interesting food wise today or yesterday. I take that back, mac & cheese bites - think breaded mushrooms but mac & cheese inside - are amazing. Can't eat them every day but every now and then = YUM!

Ok back to not-quite last minute planning/plotting for this weekend pre-"get your butt to bed" time!

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  1. I am the same way when I get stressed or excited. When I finally got to bed last night after dinner, cake, suitcase retrieval, cake decorating, etc. I was wide away from spending the whole evening running at 100mph! I didn't actually fall asleep until nearly 11:15!

    I am so stoked for this weekend!!!! Wheeeeeee!