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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's (been) raining, it's (been) pouring...

and this (not so) old gal needs to be snoring!

I got soaked en route to the bus stop today. SOAKED! It was funny watching the lady on the bus try not to watch me wringe out the bottom of my dress. The weather keeps going from ok to humid to crazy humid to RAIN - which of course makes sense in terms of grade school science class. I just am not a fan since my sinuses go wonky. So the plan is extra sleep since it's almost a week to Healthy Living Summit DAY!

Ok I know it's more than just one day but it's easier to yell - in my head of course - a la "BUT IT'S REX MANNING DAY!" I love Empire Records so it works. :)

I was on a mission today to try one of the new salads at Potbellys today. Their advertising - cute chalkboards - always make me pay attention and this time they sucked me in. Well, rather they tried to suck me in but there was no room. I ended up at Quiznos which was good but not the same. I need to just get to the store since we are out of all salad making items of the green leafy sort. I also need to find a decent cucumber. Sadly the last one was pretty bland. I'd love to grow them in the yard but right now I don't have the space.

Speaking of the yard "garden" aka the pots on the patio, it is still alive and somewhat well. The bell peppers are tiny but we were able to get one so far. I'm getting some sort of a tomato crop if I get them right away as they start to ripen. If I leave them to fully ripen or get large-ish then they start disintegrating/mushy on the bottom or get eaten by something, more than likely a squirrel. It is a bit aggravating since last year we had no problems. Perhaps the furry-tailed chatterboxes realized there is a salad buffet this year in the same place as last year. Nonetheless I'll continue planting my veggies. I grew up with a garden and so it's just natural to have one since I have the space.

Did anyone else grow up with a garden and have one now or feel that they have to grow something veggie wise now?


  1. I TRIED to have a balcony garden this year, but I have a black thumb for sure. My lettuce is still alive, but it's not very yummy so I've been feeding it to the guinea pig. The zucchini and raspberries are toast. :(

  2. I have gardened every year of our married life, but now are temporarily living in a tiny apt. with no garden. :(
    See you at HLS!